Inkbound v1.0.0 Build #23540 Free Download

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Inkbound v1.0.0 Build #23540 Free Download


In Inkbound, immerse yourself in a turn-based roguelike adventure where the mystical power of written words becomes reality. Embark on a quest to preserve the tales of the Atheneum, discovering new character classes and conquering formidable challenges along the way.

In the distinctive turn-based combat system of the game, players enjoy unrestricted movement, simultaneous actions in multiplayer mode, and the ability to swiftly employ skills. Choose to act swiftly during simpler decisions or take your time when the stakes are higher, requiring deeper strategic planning.

Explore a diverse range of character classes, adjusting your strategy as you progress through runs to create formidable builds. With draftable abilities, upgrades for abilities, and a plethora of items to discover, there are numerous paths to explore in gameplay.

The Atheneum serves as a vibrant social center where players gather with both friends and strangers, forming parties of up to four members. Together, they tackle challenges, working as a team to devise synergistic builds and strategies.

This mystical hub houses all the stories ever written, with each book serving as a portal to a distinct world filled with its own set of challenges. However, these stories are now unraveling due to an unseen threat, and the inhabitants of the Atheneum are in dire need of your assistance.

๐Ÿ•นย Game Title: Inkbound

โ˜ ๏ธย Store Page: DPC Store : Inkbound $15.99

โ˜ข๏ธย Genre:ย RPG

ย ย Developer: Shiny Shoe

ย ย Publisher: Shiny Shoe

ย ย Release Date: 9 apr, 2024

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